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Telephone issues

We have been made aware that there have been issues with our outgoing calls dropping out or not connecting properly in a small number of cases.    If you identify problems with a call made to yourself please send details to the practice email address - alwoodleymedicalcentre [at] We will log the details to pass onto our telephone service supplier for further investigation.

If you are struggling to contact the practice you can use the 'Patient Triage' link at the top of this page to submit your request online.

Patient Triage

IMG DAB8B4D2BE01 1We are pleased to launch our trial of a new online consultation tool in collaboration with AccuRx - Patient triage.

Access Patient Triage here

Patient triage allows you to submit your query directly to the practice online, providing as much detail as you can to our team.  Our clinical team will ensure your query is directed to the most appropriate person to help you quickly - a member of our physiotherapy team, our pharmacy team, our paramedic team or our GP team.  The aim of the service is to ensure you get the care you need from the right person at the right time.  We will try to respond using your prefered method but we may feel that we can better meet your needs through an alternative contact method.

Patient triage is for clinical and admin queries.  We would prefer that you request repeat prescriptions via your existing patient access or using the "NHS App" as this reduces work for our admin team - allowing them to focus on completing other tasks for you.


Adel Surgery – Branch Surgery Closure

IMG 0235

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and attended the online meeting that we held in June about our proposal to close the branch surgery at Long Causeway, Adel. All your feedback was included as part of our application to NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group

The CCG’s Primary Care Commissioning Committee approved our application and the branch surgery will formally close on 31 March 2021.  From this date, all our patients will receive services from our main site at Alwoodley Medical Centre, as well as telephone, online and video consultations.

The committee had a lengthy discussion, including about changes in general practice that have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic, and how that has transformed the way patients access services by using more online and video consultations.  However, the committee did recognise that the closure would have a greater impact on some of our patients and have advised that there should be a robust and sustainable transport solution to support these patients to access the main site which the practice will work collaboratively with the CCG to establish. The committee also advised us that we should continue to work with the local community pharmacy.

We’d like to thank you for the really positive comments about your care and the services we offer, and we hope that you will want to stay registered with our practice beyond 31 March 2021. However, should you wish to register with another practice, please access to review practices in the local area.

Face Coverings

2020.05.18 StayAlert MPUFrom the 24th July 2020 the government require face coverings to be worn on public transport and in shops.

There are some people who are exempt.  You do not need certification from a Doctor for exemption in general terms, and if an employer or other service required medical certification then a fee will apply.

For public transport, First Bus have a card/badge you can print yourself at home:

For general use there are some helpful self-print resources here:

Regrettably we are not able to provide printing services, but these may be obtained via the city councils community hubs.