Alwoodley Medical Centre is actively contributing to medical research which we believe plays an important role in improving the medicine we practice.


RCGP logoAs well being committed to improving the care our own patients receive, we also believe in helping the progress of medicine in general. We have joined the National Institute for Health Research as a 'research ready practice' and have been approved by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

By being part of this network we hope to help develop medical research within primary care. This can mean supporting research studies and clinical trials, collecting data and working in partnership with other practices and NHS organisations.

What does this mean for patients?

It simply means that occasionally we could ask you if you would be interested in participating in some research, in the same way you might be asked if you go to a local hospital. However, you do not have to take part if you do not want to.  We may send you invitations by letter, phone, email, text message or ask in person during your consultation (depending upon the ethics approvals of the relevant studies).  This may including sending invitations on behalf of commercial organisations. 

We share de-identified patient data with the Clinical Practice Research Datalink.  The way your data is kept safe is described on their website, and it is done in accordance with UK law.  If you do not wish your de-identified data to be shared in this way you can utilise the national data opt-out.


Current Research Studies

Access to Medicines (ActMed) Study (Palliative Care)

Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial

Activate (Somalogic)

 ALPHA - comparing treatment for severe chronic hand eczema


Previous Studies

Study into lean and thin subjects (STILTS2)