Please see the letter below regarding the current arrangements at the practice.

Dear Patients

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the last year or so, during the challenging times that came with the pandemic. 

I felt that now was a good time to update all our patients on where we are as a practice and what is going on ‘behind closed doors’. 

I am sure that you are all aware that just because we had to follow strict COVID rules, it did not mean we could put our feet up! We have continued to treat patients, grow as a practice and continue to make plans for the future of our practice for our patients and staff. 

I appreciate that it is not always easy to understand how or why we make the decisions that we do, without having an insight into our world. I would therefore like to make you aware of how the practice is operating. 

We currently have the following Doctors working with us: 

Dr Raj Sathiyaseelan      Dr Ruth Murray             Dr Hannah Watson 

Dr Giles Manchester      Dr Martin Sutcliffe         Dr Geoff Hall 

Dr Andrew Higgins        Dr Angela Rickards        Dr Jorge Alegria Valencia

Dr Alison Lewis             Dr Kate Matheson         Dr Leone Guinan 

Dr John Allingham         Dr Aafreen Rahman 

Dr Helen Edwards         Dr Phil Xiu 

We also have 4 GP Registrars who work with us for 6 month placements. We currently have: 

Dr Bhattacharjee           Dr Murphy

Dr Okwechime              Dr Le Boutillier 

Our Nursing Team is led by our Senior Nurse, Shona Harrington. 

Nicola Wood – Practice Nurse                Helen Fahey – Practice Nurse 

Lynne Ward – Practice Nurse                 Fiona Steele – Practice Nurse 

Joanne Banks – Practice Nurse               Tracey Pickford – Health Care Assistant 

Alison Tate – Health Care Assistant        Charlotte Allen-Hardaker – Health Care Assistant 

Surjit Kaur - Phlebotomist 

I head up the Management team as Practice Business Manager and I am supported by Karen Winspear, Office Manager and Sue Appleyard, Patient Services Manager. 

Sue has a team of 16 Patient Services staff who answer your calls and help you at reception as well as dealing with all administrative tasks in the practice. 

The practice Pharmacist is Nakash Hussain and he works with Kirsty & Bridget in our Medicines Management team. 

We are currently advertising the following vacancies:

  • Reception/Administrator – Full time 
  • Medical Records Summariser – Full time 
  • Health Care Assistant – Full time 
  • Practice Nurse – Full time 

These are all the people within the practice that are here to help you. We also have a team of staff who are shared with other practices in the area. 

  • Physiotherapists 
  • Pharmacists 
  • Healthy Minds 
  • Social Prescribers 

Our patient services team are trained to signpost you to the most appropriate healthcare professional, which is why they ask you simple questions about your condition. This not only means that you will most likely be dealt with sooner but also means that GPs are then free to treat patients who cannot be dealt with elsewhere. 

If you need to contact the practice, we now have several options that you can choose. We would recommend all our patients to register for online services. This allows you to book appointments, order medication and view your medical records including test results. You can also register for online services using the NHS App on your smartphone. 

Our website has a link to our e-consults. This can be used for administrative or clinical queries and will be responded to within 48 hours – we therefore ask that you DO NOT use it for urgent medical needs. 

At this time of the year, we have many vaccination appointments that can be booked online – 

  • Shingles
    • Pneumonia 
    • Influenza 
    • COVID
    • Child Flus 

Utilising this option, removes the need for lengthy telephone queues and helps to free up lines for when you may have no option but to call us. 

Telephone Calls 

Please be assured that on a normal day, we have between 10 & 12 staff answering calls. 

There is no denying that our telephone lines are very busy. I would like to reassure you that all our staff, admin & clinical, work extremely hard to keep queues down and deal with each patient as efficiently as possible. It is only natural to feel frustrated if you are told that you are number 18 in a queue or if you have a longer than usual wait in the waiting room. It is often worth bearing in mind that ringing the surgery is not always necessary. Have you thought about seeking advice from your local pharmacy? They can help with most minor ailments and often negate the need for GP input. 

Although we understand the frustration, we are unfortunately having to deal with an increasing number of abusive calls and aggressive patients in reception. As a practice, we will not accept this in any circumstances. Staff should not have to be subject to this kind of behaviour and I would like to thank all those who do show restraint and understanding to the difficult job that they do. 

Thank you for your continued patience & support. 

Jayne Tait 
Business Manager