You can access information about the Pfizer BioNTech COVID19 vaccination using the following links:

pdfHaving your vaccine at Alwoodley Medical Centre leaflet

COVID-19 vaccination: guide for older adults

What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination

BBC Explainer video

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should I contact with questions? You should contact your own GP surgery if you have questions about your appointment. Please review the links above before contacting your own GP surgery with clinical questions.
  • Are there toilet facilities: Yes, toilet facilities will be available for patients attending for vaccination and the person immediately accompanying them.  Toilet facilities for those not being vaccinated and not immediately supporting a patient are not available due to social distancing requirements.
  • Can we use the surgery car park: Yes, the surgery car park is available for use.  Due to traffic issues on the surrounding streets we recommend parking in the park and ride car park if possible though.
  • Are wheelchairs available: Limited provision of wheelchairs is available, however we would recommend you bring your own if required.
  • Where will I sit after: There will be ample sitting space - both indoor and outdoor - available. You should wait for 15 minutes after your vaccination, and then please leave promptly if you feel well in order to reduce the number of people in the centre at any time.
  • Both vaccine appointments are during Shabbat - have you considered this: We are aware that a significant number of our community observe Shabbat, and with the help of Cllr Dan Cohen have received advice from Rabbi Kupperman for which we are very grateful. The current vaccine is incredibly complex to deliver, and whilst we will endeavour to offer alternative times when possible, if you are invited to vaccination during Shabbat it is acceptable to receive the vaccination. We can confirm there is no need for any competent adult receiving the vaccination to sign any document – consent is provided verbally. In terms of travel to the centre, for those unable to walk, taxi travel should be pre-arranged and pre-paid which Cllr Cohen has kindly offered to facilitate for those who need it. To facilitate the effective use of such travel arrangements anyone observing Shabbat who attends the centre for vaccination should identify themselves to our stewards and we will ensure that they are ready to leave for their planned journey home which we ask them to plan for 30 mins after their booked appointment time.
  • When will I get my vaccination: Please see the JCVI information here:

NHS will contact you 16x9