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Coronavirus (COVID-19) changes to accessing our practice



Please do not book a GP  appointment or  attend your GP practice  if you have symptoms associated with coronavirus including a new continuous cough or a high temperature. You, and anyone living in the same house, are advised to stay at home for 14 days.


Our GP practice wants to protect the health and safety of our staff and patients. This means that we will now be doing the following or asking you to do the below.

  • All appointments will need to be booked over the telephone.
  • The majority of our appointments will be telephone and/or video consultations
  • If you’ve been invited for a pre-booked appointment we’ll contact you to confirm arrangements. Do not come in without us contacting you first
  • You cannot use our online service to book appointments but you can use it to order repeat prescriptions.
  • Now might be the right time to consider downloading and using the NHS App, available from all app stores. This will give you the opportunity to order repeat prescriptions as well as accessing self-care advice which may mean you don’t need to see one of our healthcare professionals.
  • If you’re feeling unwell and need to speak to someone quickly please go to or call NHS 111.

If you think you have coronavirus and your symptoms are getting worse

If your symptoms are serious, or get worse, NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need further medical help and advise you what to do. 

Only call 111 direct if you cannot go online, or are advised to do so by the online service.

For the latest Covid-19 advice please visit

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